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Flatbed Towing

Do you need a Flatbed Tow Truck?

Flatbed towing ensures that all wheels of the vehicle are placed onto the flat platform of the tow truck. Using a flatbed tow truck guarantees that your vehicle will not be damaged during the tow.

Here are the reasons we use a flatbed tow truck:

Low Cars and Vehicles

Moving a low profile car, dropped car project, or naturally low profiled ar or vehicle from one place to the next.

Is your car too heavy?

On a standard Tow Truck, towing dollies are capable of towing lighter vehicles safely. Towing dollies should not be used for towing heavier cars and vehicles. For that purpose, flatbed tow trucks are ideal. They are meant for handling heavy vehicles. They assure the vehicle's safety and protection from any wear and tear.

Towing a vintage, classic or sportscar

These masterpieces need to be handled with extreme care and caution when towing them. Our professional towing service will provide a flatbed tow truck to completely elevate and keep the car or vehicle safe from any damage on the road. Only masters in their field, professional towers know which equipment and towing vehicle to use with which car. Only use a certified professional service like Express Towing Ottawa to move such valuable assets.

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